Who Are us & Why?

North House Contracting and Services Company was established in 2016 and has gained preference and distinction among companies. The integrity of dealing with all and the trust of customers. Since its establishment, it has specialized in various contracting works, whether building villas, palaces, commercial complexes, building factories and all service works;  Such building and finishing works and all electrical works such as plumbing and other works that work in the file of various contracting. A big brand in the Qatari market, mainly known for our uncompromising type of business, and dedicated team work to get projects done in time. We regard our esteem reputation as our greates asset.

Our Services

We look forward to expanding in the advanced future business with the state’s vision (2030), which seeks to implement technology and alternative energy that is environmentally friendly and to implement smart ideas in the
participation of successful companies to bring our company to
a global level in providing services of the
highest quality and professionalism

Concrete Structure Works

We offer everything related to construction and building works, including armaments for
various facilities and buildings; With the work of everything related to the infrastructure
from start to finish. Starting from excavation, leveling, compaction, pouring concrete,
and building bricks.

Electrical Works

We provide all electrical works according to the provisions of the
recent laws and regulations issued by (Kahramaa
Qtel – Civil Defense), which is represented in main and subsidiary
electrical panels, laying cables, installing boxes,
telephone and television networks, and connections for internal and
external lighting units.

Plumbing work

Plumbing is the mist important finishing item for any real estate and any inaccurate implementation it leads to serious damage to the facility and its residents.  These damage may include demolishing and rebuilding parts the units such as bathrooms and kitchen. Or damage to the foundations of the building, which exposes it to collapse in whole or in part. Restoration and repair work for those damage may amount to removing part of the concrete structure of the unit. Therefore, every plumbing detail must be carefully and efficiently finished.

Interior Decoration Works

Finishing works play an important and essential role at the present time, as it is considered a protection. The factor for the building and at the same time an aesthetic component of the building, so it is one of the most important building foundations, whether external or internal, and it is what makes all the voids. The building is fit to carry out its function, it is what gives the building the final shape and design represented: Works of paints gypsum-marble and ceramics.

Works of Factories & Warehouses & Steel Structures

Specialized in designing, manufacturing, and installing steel
structures, trusses, and all metal structures. We provide you with:
1- The fastest design, manufacture, and installation through experts specialized in the field of steel industries
2- The best materials in the manufacture of trusses conforming to
international specifications
3-An integrated team of engineers and technicians to ensure product
quality and the best efficiency for any maintenance work over the life
of the building

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